Where Did the Time Go? A Fond Farewell to 2018

Olivia Leaves | Driving the Ring of Kerry

What happened in 2018?

And with that, we’re more than half way through the first month of 2019. I’m still not sure what happened to 2018. Was I there? I’m not quite sure it actually happened.

I had to look back through my photos and posts to realise that I did actually do a few things in 2018. I spent 24 hrs in Cork, rumoured to be the true capital of Ireland. Then survived driving through a snowstorm in Iceland, topped off with a glorious day at the Blue Lagoon.

Olivia Leaves | A Day in Naples Italy

I spent most of March through May travelling between Dublin and various parts of Italy, most notably Verona, Venice, and Naples. I’m curious to see how the new tourist tax plays out for Venice.

And then I turned 30 (that’s what I quickly forgot about!). I spent my birthday zipping around the Amalfi Coast on the back of a moped. Okay not quite, I spent my actual birthday hiking the Path of the Gods. We went one way, then came all the way back! Start as you mean to go on? I also got to fulfil my childhood curiosity at the ruins of Pompeii.

Olivia Leaves | Visiting the Amalfi Coast

I watched a half Ironman on the quiet side of Mallorca, and spent a fabulous long weekend in Cologne with a group of bloggers from The Blogger Course. Highly recommend both the gorgeous German city and the course if you’re into blogging and want to take the next step. I also finally wrote down 3 trips worth of information on my favourite European city, Lisbon.

Olivia Leaves | Guide to Lisbon

I spent a good few months straight in Ireland at the end of the summer, and started sharing information about Dublin that I hadn’t ever taken the time to write down. This included my Complete Guide to Dublin, as well as smaller guides for where to Eat, Drink, Shop, and Stay. I highlighted what to do in Dublin on a Sunday (because Sundays can be slow), and wrote out itineraries for a Classic and Girly weekend in Dublin. And of course, while you’re here, get to the 13 most instagrammable places in Dublin.  

Olivia Leaves | 11 Things to Do in Dublin on a Sunday

I also went further west to drive the beautiful Ring of Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula.

If you need any tips for the practical side of travelling, I wrote out my pre-travel checklists (Part 1 and Part 2),  my carry-on luggage essentials to save you the hassle, as well as my favourite apps to use when I travel.

Phew! Okay fine, now I remember 2018. So what’s next?

After spending the holidays in Canada, I’ve been camping out in Ireland until my first trip of 2019. It’s to London! It’s been a while since I’ve been, and I really miss it. I will be attending the Blogger Course Weekend Retreat put on by Monica of The Travel Hack. She runs the blogging course I mentioned above (check it out here if you’re interested!). I can’t recommend it enough, and will likely be going on about it again in another post soon!

I’ll also continue my exploration of Germany this year with a trip to Hamburg of the KeyFrame conference put on by Traverse. It’s an entire conference concentrating on video!

From there, it’s a mix of weddings and hens across Canada and Europe. I think much of my time off will go to these events, but they’re for most of my very best friends, so I know it will be worth it to spend the time with them.

Other places I hope to see this year include Vienna, a revisit of Florence and Tuscany, and perhaps a few more places with sunshine. I will be spending more time in Milan as well, and will hopefully put more of those experiences down to guides that can be shared with you.

What are your travel goals for 2019?


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