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I thought there was something wrong with the water in Dublin because my hair was feeling like I didn’t wash the conditioner out. But I think that maybe, as the water filled up the base of the tiny shower, I was in such a hurry to finish before it overflowed, and I forgot what step I was on. Rinsing out the conditioner. So maybe it’s my fault.

I started writing this blog post a few days ago, but the internet was so slow trying to get the pictures inserted, that I gave up. I’ll continue now. Also, I’m having issues with formatting of this blog, hopefully I’ll figure it out soon.

I’ve been in Ireland two days, but still don’t quite realize just how far I am from home. I heard a lot of North American accents walking around Trinity College yesterday. Everyone jaywalks like in Quebec, even really really old ladies (I should have taken a picture), when traffic slows a bit. And there is a two level Burger King! Too bad I won’t eat there.

That being said, there are tons of old buildings, all the toilets are strangely shaped, they have 20 cent coins, crossing any large street is usually a 3-step process, the ground tells you which way to look before you cross (!), I browsed Topshop (!!), and I had a terrible time finding a Starbucks.

In the Chicago airport waiting for my flight to Dublin, I took a picture of the Departures screen. You see my reflection better than the info, but I know it’s there.


I spent my second day walking around the city. I went to the Dublin Writer’s Museum, a homage to all the fabulous Irish writers like Yeats, Wilde, Swift and Shaw.

The exterior of the museum in Parnell Square.

The exterior of the museum in Parnell Square.

I also went to Dublin Castle! I found out later that night that this is one of those things most locals never do. A castle right in the middle of their city and they’ve never been inside. But that’s okay, I’m a tourist…

The first picture is obviously the exterior, the second is the room where they had all the parties. Minus the scaffolding.



A few more:

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