Visiting Croatia’s Hidden Gem: Hvar Town

Olivia Leaves | Hvar
I spent three days in beautiful Hvar soaking up the sun, riding around on a boat, drinking white wine and wandering the little streets. Oh, and eating sorbet of course!

After a week spent travelling through Croatia’s Dalmatia region, Hvar Town tops my list of places to stay. If I were to visit again, I wouldn’t hesitate to hop on a ferry and head directly to the island for a full week. You can’t go wrong!

Olivia Leaves | Hvar

One thing to note is that Hvar isn’t as inexpensive as you might think a town in Croatia would be. Once the wealthy yachting community started to visit many of the islands, the prices began to rise. They’re not extortionate, but more on par with popular cities in Western Europe.

If you’re looking for somewhere to sit down and shut off, Hvar Town is the place to be. Here are a few things to do and see while you’re there.

Olivia Leaves | Hvar

Hvar Fortress

The best view in Hvar Town is without a doubt from the top of the hill, where you’ll find the Hvar Fortress. It’s been around for several thousand years, and has a lot of history to explore. Once you’ve seen the dungeon and checked out the gift shop, have a seat in the cafe and take in the view.

Olivia Leaves | Hvar

Wander the Promenade 

There’s a well-manicured promenade that runs along the water, which can take around an hour to walk end to end. Take in the sunshine, get a bit of exercise, and marvel at the bright blue water that is so clear you can see right to the bottom.

Olivia Leaves | Hvar

Sip Cocktails at Hula Hula Beach Club

Looking for a frozen Strawberry Margarita to quench your thirst on a hot day? Look no further! Hula Hula Beach Club is located on the promenade and has the beach chairs, the water, the views, and the cocktails! There is direct access to the water, so bring your swimsuit and some sunscreen.

Olivia Leaves | Hvar

Have Dinner at Dalmatino

There’s clearly a reason so many people recommended Dalmatino when we arrived. From the moment we sat down outside the staff were friendly and attentive. We were given an explanation of the local dishes, offered wine pairings, and brought several small shots of local liquor between courses. I’d definitely recommend everyone eat here at least once!

Olivia Leaves | Hvar

Dance the night away at Nautica Bar

Saturdays are Hvar’s big night. If you happen to be in town, visit some of the bars along the harbour for a few cocktails and a dance or two. It’s a great atmosphere, especially when it’s warm out!

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Olivia Leaves | Visiting Croatia's Hidden Gem: Hvar Town



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