Visiting Blarney Castle

Friday was a long day. I took a Paddywagon tour (Shane’s suggestion) out to Cork, the small towns Kinsale and Cobh (pronounced Cohhvvv I’ve been told), and Blarney Castle.

I managed to meet the tour just before 6:30am, functioning on less than 3 hours of sleep. All in all, with the travels to and from Cork, and the shorter distances between our sights, I probably drove some 9-10 hours that day. All in the name of being a tourist.


Cobh was gorgeous! It is one of those tiny towns with too much wind, a huge cathedral, and lots of multi-coloured townhouses. I was like to meet Emily from Paris who took my picture; there are only so many scenery and old building shots you can take before you want to prove you were actually there.

Blarney Castle was big and tall and old. It was a Friday, so naturally packed full of Princess Cruise passengers from Florida. Bless them though; they were like our grandparents the whole way up the castle steps. They took several pictures of Emily and me, but I was more worried they’d lose balance and fall over the edge (with my camera). This added to my terrible fear of heights.

IMG_0586 IMG_0566 IMG_0603 IMG_0594


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