Travel Postcards

Do you send postcards while you’re travelling? I’ve only ever sent one. When I left on my first big trip abroad, I wasn’t coming back for years so I opted for the typical email and video calls.

The above picture is a postcard I received from my friend Hayley while I was away at University across the country. She was in the middle of a whirlwind European tour, and sent me this postcard of Vernazza in the Cinque Terre in Italy.

At the time I had a clear plastic pencil case that I took to my classes, and this postcard slipped perfectly into it. I was really excited that I’d created my own swanky pouch with a beautiful picture on the side.

I ended up using this case for another two years, through the end of my degree. I knew when I saw that postcard that I wanted to visit Vernazza. Cinque Terre became one of the top places on my Italy list. Four years later, I hiked through the beautiful seaside towns.

I doubt she knew that this postcard would help shape my travel plans years later. But it did. Maybe it’s time I start sending out a few inspirational shots too.


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