The UK Visa Bucket List

It appears that this living-in-London business may actually come to a close one day. I’ve done so much, and am quite proud of my once-shy self! I’ve grown more than I could have ever expected, and I know I’m ready to take on what’s next (if I can ever make a decision! I mean, our generation screams about wanting more options, but do we really? I digress..).

I still have a lot of time here, so it’s not a problem, but I am feeling more conscious of the fact that there are places to go and things to see! Let’s call it “excitement.”

Dad always says I should write things down, so, in the spirit of ‘organized fun,’ here we go…

Olivia’s UK Visa Bucket List:

  1. See the Peter Pan statue at Kensington Gardens
  2. Stand on the South side of the river at Westminster Bridge when Big Ben chimes at midnight
  3. Visit Hampton Court
  4. See a gig in Camden
  5. See a play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  6. Visit Oxford
  7. Walk along Regent’s Canal
  8. Eat a Kebab (and not get food poisoning)
  9. Go back to the British Museum
  10. Drive a car on the wrong side of the road (left)
  11. Attend a Polo match
  12. Take a boat on the Thames
  13. Go to Hampstead Heath
  14. Go back to Portobello Market
  15. Go horseback riding again
  16. Visit Buckingham Palace
  17. See a Football match
  18. Visit the National Portrait Gallery
  19. Go to Brighton
  20. Visit these cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Rome, Florence, Vienna, Athens, and Edinburgh.

Bonus point: Visit Dubai

That’s not too much, right?


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