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No plans and an entire Sunday all to myself. In my excitement, I decided to pretend I didn’t live here, and join the throngs of Sunday snappers down in Westminster.

If you’re looking for a nice, modern tube station, there’s one.

I’ve been in London for three months, but I’ve never been in the heart of Westminster. I’ve seen some of these sights from afar, but figured I should stand right underneath and take the required picture. Thanks to the sun, I click-clicked away at the buildings, hoping that I was aiming my camera in the direction.

No, I’m not complaining about the nice, sunny weather.

I walked from Big Ben, around Parliament, through Westminster Abbey, towards Buckingham Palace, through Green Park, up to Piccadilly Circus, and shopped around Regent, Oxford and Carnaby Streets. Not a bad afternoon, and the only money spent was on a fail of a frozen yogurt. You know they don’t blend it here? It was 6 raspberries stuck on top of Vanilla frozen yogurt. How can they think that’s a good idea? Don’t let that stop you from visiting though. I hear the Gelato is very good in Soho.

Walking through Green Park was interesting. I’ve spent many a lunchtime there, along with all the others in suits, inhaling their sandwiches on lunch break. Today I got to see the park during leisure time. Everyone looked to be enjoying themselves, and no one wore suits.

Who wouldn’t want to live in London?

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