The New Year Bucket List

Happy New Year from Edinburgh, Scotland! This post was scheduled. Cheeky.

It’s time for another bucket list update (mostly for my own benefit) as a new year dawns and the months turn to weeks on my little London adventure. 


Finally saw the Peter Pan statue!

I’d like to think I can do everything, but I’ve had to delete some of the things from my list. I think the Globe Theatre is closed for the season.

Rather than paste the old list again with a few more things crossed out, I’ve revamped it a bit and added a few new things. 

  1. Stand on the South side of the Thames at Westminster Bridge when Big Ben chimes at midnight
  2. Visit the National Portrait Gallery
  3. Go up to the viewing deck of The Shard
  4. Take photos of London at night from Waterloo Bridge
  5. Walk along Regent’s Canal
  6. Walk from Wandsworth Bridge to Tower Bridge
  7. Visit Samantha’s house
  8. Redo Asa’s memorial on the Abbey Road wall
  9. Visit Oxford and Brighton
  10. Drive a car on the wrong side of the road (left)
  11. Go to Hampstead Heath
  12. See a Football match
  13. See the following at the theatre: Viva Forever, Les Miserables
  14. Visit these European cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Athens, Lisbon
  15. Leave happy

Twelve weeks to go.


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