The London Tourist

During my first week in the city, while I was running from hostel to hostel and trying to decide how soon to look for a job, I stopped at various busy places and took pictures. I’m glad I did it then, because I don’t think I could bring myself to do it now.

This is Paddington station, the underground I used for the last few weeks before moving into my flat. You can get quite a few national and international trains out of this station, hence the size. We just stopped in the middle of a very crowded area and took pictures. Winning.

This is the beginning of Portobello Market in Notting Hill. We went on a Saturday midday when it was (obviously) packed. Alize and I got crepes and mine got all over my bag, jacket and shoes. That’s what I get for ordering strawberry.

We met a few people at Picadilly Circus that Saturday. It was just as busy as it is during the day. Seriously, the train was busier going home late than getting there after dinner! The best part is Cinnabon is open late.


It was a classic London day (gloomy) when I first crossed the London Bridge and visited the Tower Bridge. It was terribly cold this day, but I forced myself to take off my jacket for some of the pictures so I had at least one without my windbreaker on. (I went back to this part of town when it was sunny and 24 degrees.. it’s much nicer).

IMG_0785 IMG_0791
Tower of London! I had Carl take my picture before I left to meet Mark Lawson. I have yet to go back and see the crown jewels. Maybe I can blame him for that?



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