The Big Trip: Tours

I arrived in Tours, a small town west of Paris, on a Tuesday evening, two days into my trip. I had a hotel booked for my two night stay, and was happy to find it was part of a chain, and so had all the amenities you’d expect in a hotel: clean sheets, a shower that drains before it spills over the edge, unstained towels, a TV with remote that works, etc. I finally felt like I was on a bit of a vacation.

Long story short (hey hey look at me go!):  I went to Tours to visit the castles in the Loire Valley. There are tons and tons, so I picked a day tour that took me to four pretty looking ones. No need to sound scholarly, it’s all about the pretty factor. 

It was a cool but sunny day, and I had a lovely time. 

Here’s how things went down:






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