The Big Trip: Stockholm


I left from Beauvais airport, an hour outside of Paris, to fly to Stockholm. Or rather, to Skavsta airport, 100km from Stockholm. The trip took the entire day.

By the time the bus got into Stockholm it was dark. I had a short metro journey to the flat that Belinda had booked. You know how this story goes. I got lost.

I went to a stop further than I should have, and ended up on some back road trek through an ice-covered residential area. I went down a massive flight of cement steps to avoid drunken kids, and through an underpass on a four-lane road. I was terrified! I texted Belinda who was going to meet me back at the station. But I hadn’t come to the right station!

Potential disaster averted when I heard someone coming down the street towards me. It was her, and I was standing at the end of our street. Hooray!

Stockholm is beautiful, but I suggest you visit in the summer. One of the nights it got down to -6, an unpleasant temperature when you’re meant to be on vacation. The city’s architecture, especially in the old town area, Gamla Stan, was as pretty as any European city. We did tons and tons of walking through different parts of town and got a good feel for it. It was a lot quieter than we’d expected it to be!

We also took a three-hour boat cruise through the city’s archipelago, which is made up of many islands, some of them only big enough to fit one house!

This trip was also my first Airbnb experience, which went off without a hitch. I might be less nervous to try it myself in the future.

Oh, Jetzen showed up in Stockholm too. Fancy that. 


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