The Best Way to Visit Barcelona


My new favourite thing about travelling is going back to a city for a second time. I’ve always said that I’d rather see somewhere new than visit a city twice, but there is real value in seeing what you want to see, not what you think you should see.

This was my second visit to Barcelona, and this is how I’d suggest you really see the city.

1. Stay Close
I’m all for a discount, but don’t stay miles out of town to save €15 a night. On this trip, we stayed at Hotel Silken Ramblas on Carrer del Pintor Fortuny. We were a 30 second walk from La Rambla, Barcelona’s busiest Boulevard. It was a beautiful place!

DSCF4591 DSCF4594

2. Do Nothing (with Sangria)
Set aside the urge to be busy. I’m the biggest multi-tasker, must-see-er, and don’t-wanna-miss-er. Stop yourself! Even for an afternoon, relish in the magic of the relaxed Spanish lifestyle. Pick a square, find a table in the sun, order yourself some Sangria, and watch. Listen. Talk to the people at the next table if it helps! Don’t waste the best chance you have to really feel like you’re on vacation. Plaça Reial (below) was our favourite.

DSCF4603 Barcelona_PlacaReial DSCF4612Barcelona_PlacaReial02

3. Get Lost
Put your map in your back pocket and get lost. Wander up and down the boulevards, turn down the tiny back alleys, take those random side streets… this is where you’ll see real life happening.

Barcelona_GetLost01 Barcelona_GetLost02 Barcelona_GetLost03

4. Revel in the History
Oh, go on, you’re in Spain! Take in the beauty of the architecture, from medieval to modern. And while you’re there? Take photos! There is so much to see in this city, you’ll want to have a few snaps to remember it all.

Barcelona_History01 Barcelona_History02 Barcelona_History03

5. Enjoy Your Food and Drink
We chose Shoko on the beach for a fun night out. We started with amazing sushi and cocktails, and topped it off with drinks and dancing. Make sure you have one good night out, whatever your definition of ‘out’ may be. Don’t spend all your time eating slices of pizza or fast food! Tapas, of course, is always a good idea. (We had lots of that too!)

Barcelona_Eat01 Barcelona_Eat02


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