Returning Home to London


I was beyond excited when I hopped off my Aer Lingus flight into London’s Gatwick Airport for a five-day visit at the end of September. It was my first trip back to my second home following my departure (erm, visa expiry date) in April.

I had a fantastic time catching up with old friends, visiting our favourite restaurants, bars, and neighbourhoods. The trouble was, after five days of doing the things that used to be routine, I forgot I had to leave! It was a bit sad on the Sunday when I realized I wasn’t flying to Dublin for a city break…I was going to stay. (Side note: Dublin isn’t that bad at all, but it was an overwhelming moment nonetheless!)

I had three days where people were working and I had to occupy myself. I caught up with my regular Oxford Street faves, popped into the likes of Selfridges, Liberty, and Harrods, and visited the V&A, the National Gallery, Portobello Market, and Spitalfields. It was good to be back.


One thing I’d never gotten around to doing after two whole years in London? Riding a Boris bike. So I did! Charlie toured me (while I threw mini-tantrums) down tiny side streets from the King’s Road into Kensington Gardens. I can ride a bike just fine, but on the street? Those taxis don’t stop! I’d still recommend it if you’re in town, though.




It’s great to know there is still much more to see and do in a city I hold so dear.

London, I’ll see you soon.


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