Paris, Round IV

Because three times isn’t enough?

Six months after my last visit, I found myself back in the City of Light to celebrate Marlene’s birthday. It was relaxing to run around the city with nothing to do. We went shopping, popped into some vintage shops, and stopped for a glass of wine in the afternoon.

On Saturday, Harriet and I went up the Eiffel Tower. We were going to take the elevator right to the top, but they closed it because it was too busy! Silly.

Saturday night we went out to a nightclub called Showcase under the Pont Alexandre III. Never would have guessed there was a club there when I walked over it during the day.

On Sunday we celebrated her birthday in the country with her family, and had our first traditional Portuguese lunch! So much seafood…

IMG_7329 IMG_7333 IMG_7342 IMG_7348 IMG_7354 IMG_7362 IMG_7384


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