Oops.. Hello from London

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The older I get the more quickly the time passes. Multiply that by 20 and that’s what’s happened in the last three weeks. I arrived in London on the 10th, spent a week hostel hopping and trying to do a few touristy things, looked for a job, found a job, found a place to live, and am now getting asked for directions and can give informative answers.

I don’t have internet at my place yet, the landlord decided to leave it connected when they left, but took the router. It was a pain trying to get it disconnected, then reconnected. When it comes (we keep saying ‘tomorrow’) I will give some updates with photos. To be honest I can’t remember what I have photos of. Surprises for all.

I found a job (after only 4 days of searching!) at a wealth management company as a Personal Assistant. The office is in Mayfair across from Hyde Park. On my lunches, when I’m not arguing with people at NatWest bank, I walk around and look at cool things, like Harrods (which sounds better than it is..). It’s been really warm this week, hopefully the weather stays nice and I will take my lunches to one of the parks.

I also live (keyless at the moment; long story for later) in a lovely flat in Islington. I will put up some pictures somewhere at some point. It’s a great area that I think is “very London” (haha). I know where I am when I’m walking to the tube in the morning. Especially because I’m walking to the tube.

I just wish the food didn’t expire so quickly.

More updates soon!


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