What to Do for 1 Day in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Olivia Leaves | Dubrovnik

What to do in one day in Dubrovnik

You can’t mention Dubrovnik without hearing about Game of Thrones. I’ve seen two episodes, so can’t say my decision to visit the popular Croatian city had anything to do with wanting to visit the King’s Landing.

Needless to say, Dubrovnik is a beautiful city with an amazing Old Town that will have your heart no matter your taste in television.

Olivia Leaves | Dubrovnik

You could probably fill a weekend in the city, but it’s small enough to cover in a short period of time. Here’s what to do if you’ve got one day to visit Dubrovnik.

Walk the Walls

Olivia Leaves | Dubrovnik

The 16th century walls surrounding Dubrovnik’s Old Town are walkable! Tickets are quite expensive at 150 Kuna (around 20 Euro) but it’s worth the view. There are a good few stairs and limited places to stop, so bring some water for the walk.

Sample the Sorbet

Olivia Leaves | Dubrovnik

It’s been a few years since I gave up dairy, and my addiction to gelato has transformed into an infatuation with sorbet. I won’t tell you how much sorbet I ate on this trip, but I can say that the most interesting one I had was on Stradun in Dubrovnik. It was creamier than your average sorbet, but it was still dairy free! Dubrovnik does good sorbet.

Visit the Beach

Olivia Leaves | Dubrovnik

Banje Beach is one of the best beaches in Dubrovnik. It’s easy to find right outside the Old Town, and its popularity is apparent. Next to the stretch of beach is a restaurant and bar, well equipped with beach lounge chairs and tables for food and drink. You could spend the afternoon, or even a day!

Olivia Leaves | Dubrovnik

If you time it right, that should cover a full day. Dubrovnik is a nice place to relax, so enjoy it! What are your favourite spots?

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Olivia Leaves | One Day in Dubrovnik


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