Olivia Likes: Dublin Fashion Festival


On Thursday, September 5th, I was excited to catch a glimpse of the first fashion shows of the 4th annual Dublin Fashion Festival. I saw two great runway shows, each set up in the heart of a shopping district, right in the way of pedestrian traffic. The shows got a good turn out, and I was happy to see the sort of fashion Dublin has to offer.

There was a nice mix of high and low fashion; I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that some of the cheapest outfits couldn’t immediately be picked from the more expensive. The styling was very well done, and the shows appeared to go off without a hitch.

Here are a few of my favourite moments:

DublinFashionFestival-2 DublinFashionFestival-3 DublinFashionFestival-6 DublinFashionFestival-7 DublinFashionFestival-8 DublinFashionFestival-9

DublinFashionFestival-5 DublinFashionFestival-4 DublinFashionFestival-10 DublinFashionFestival-16 DublinFashionFestival-12 DublinFashionFestival-13 DublinFashionFestival-14 DublinFashionFestival-15DublinFashionFestival-19

And I’m sure you can imagine how this little girl stole the show:



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