Successfully Found Alexis!

I found Alexis! The room we shared in the hostel was a significant step up from my 6 person shared, in both quality and price, yet still the shower would not drain. The lip on the side was significantly higher though, giving you a few more minutes to work with.

Saturday night we went from bar to touristy bar around Temple Bar downtown. It was good fun, even if it was mostly older tourists reliving their glory days in Dublin.

IMG_0613 IMG_0623

I also must point out that Saturday afternoon I went to Howth on the outskirts of Dublin with Darren and we climbed this mountain. I did. I zoomed on it in the picture, but it was very high. It was a super cute place, kind of like White Rock. Lots of nice houses too! If you ever visit the city, go there for sure.



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