The Starbucks Banana Loaf Letdown

Okay so, it’s monumental but not.

There’s a Starbucks close to where I work, and it happens to be in a large National Rail station. One day recently I walked in to find, to my extreme delight (really, you have no idea), banana loaf! I live for Starbucks Banana loaf.

When I was home at Christmas, I ate many of these. They just don’t make them in Europe! When I was in Palm Springs in 2010, they had some with walnuts which were equally delicious.

Anyway, I get myself a banana loaf. Highlight of my day.


This thing didn’t even taste real! It was doughy and plain. They may have just taken it out of the fridge, but whatever, it took me a while to eat it and it was horrible the whole way through.



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