Making Memories: My First Photo Book

How many photos do you take on a typical trip? Hundreds? Depending on the trip, sometimes I find myself taking thousands!

Olivia Leaves

Now, how do you share them? Display them? Cherish and review them? Unfortunately, the answer is often “I don’t.”

I started this blog 6 years ago to share my travel stories with friends and family. I figured this would be a way to get around sending everyone individual email updates. So, I’d write down what I saw, share a few photos, and call it a day.

Fast forward and I’m still living and working in Europe! It’s become my home. The longer I’m in one place, the more I find myself wanting to put things up on the wall, or buy frames to display all the exciting photos I’ve taken along this journey.

The problem with trying to keep possessions to a minimum is that buying things like big frames can seem unnecessary. And in rented accommodation, they don’t often appreciate nails in the nice white walls!

I’ve always wanted to try putting together a few photo books. I have some friends who’ve tried them, and they’ve all had great things to say about the experience, and the final product. They’re a great replacement for traditional scrapbooking and boring photo albums.

Olivia Leaves

So, I decided I’d finally give it a go! I was excited when I received a coupon to test the photo books by Saal Digital.

The process was simple enough: you download their software and set up your photo book. When it’s completed it uploads to their system and they do the rest!

The things that stood out to me were the lay-flat binding, different shapes and sizes of photo books available, and the lightning fast delivery! I had many of my photos spread across two of the pages, and the crease is nearly invisible. It’s a great way to put together your memories in hard copy, and they don’t take up much space on the shelf!

Olivia Leaves

Saal Digital offers pre-set layouts, as well as the flexibility to build your own with a design that suits your story. The quality I received was impeccable, and I’d recommend upgrading to the padded cover!

My one recommendation would be to set aside a good amount of time to select your photos and play around with the software, it wasn’t as intuitive as I thought it might be. But, after spending some time using it, I got used to the flow. And the end product was fantastic!


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