Lost in Monaco


I was! I went from Eze Village to Monaco and didn’t know how to get home, just as the sun was setting. Okay, clearly I figured it out, but it was a little scary.

Monaco looks exactly like it does in the pictures, so the ones below may be familiar to you. Despite knowing what it was going to look like, it was still an overwhelmingly beautiful place.

I got off the bus with a whole bunch of seniors, and realized quickly that I was not only at the top of the city, I was on the wrong side (opposite the Palace). I walked down, down, down to the water, all the way along it, then wound my way up the daunting hill to the Prince’s Palace … in flip flops.

Everything about Monaco screams wealth. The Palace is breathtaking, as is the view when you get up to it. The buildings are nestled cozily into the hill, at times I wonder if they’ll ever accidentally move. The funniest part is, to avoid dying walking up dozens and dozens of steps, there are “public elevators” that you can take (usually they go up 5-7 stories!) that will get you to a higher level street. So much for spreading the city out, they just went up, and not in the height of their structures.

I’d go back. Maybe to the casino next time…







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