Ireland: The Arrival


Congratulations! You made it! You received your documents, your working holiday authorization, and have found yourself in Dublin, your first port of call in Ireland.

Even if you don’t plan to stay in Dublin for the duration of your working holiday, you will need to complete a few administrative tasks before moving on. If you are Canadian you will have arrived on the SWAP program and will be directed to their Irish counterpart, USIT.

You’ll want to attend the mandatory USIT orientation. Listening to their introduction will iron out the details of what awaits you during your first few weeks.

The first thing you’ll need to apply for is your GNIB card, followed by your PPS number. Both are integral to your ability to work. Getting your authorization back home isn’t the only thing you’ll need to get you in the door! It is best to do these early in the morning as it can take hours and gets busy quickly.

You will be given your GNIB card during the same visit. Your PPS number, however, will come roughly a week later in the mail. You can use those documents as proof of address to open up your first bank account. It’s best to do things in that order.

It’s not complicated, just time consuming! I found getting set up in the UK was much quicker than in Ireland. Make sure you get on these appointments right away or you’ll find yourself with a fantastic job, being emergency taxed at 40% and without anywhere to put the money they do give you!

Don’t panic! There are more than enough pubs to help you relax. Need an extra little treat to ease the stress of your first week? Add a shot of Malibu to your pint of Guinness. You may get a few looks, but trust me.

Welcome to the next two years of your life!



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