India: The Western Wedding

We had already been in Pondicherry for four days before the first official wedding event took place. It was hosted at Keerthi’s house—we got to sit inside in the nice air-conditioning, and they had the altar outside in the backyard!

IMG_4191 IMG_4163
There were lots of photographers, I believe more than anticipated, which made it a bit difficult to get any good photos of my own. But, the ceremony was beautiful.

From there we went to a hotel for the reception where there was cake and the traditional dances. It was interesting to see the mix of two cultures — a Western event hosted in Southern India.

IMG_4174 IMG_4175 IMG_4179
The night ended by the pool on the roof (but thankfully no one actually ended up in the pool). It was gorgeous to see the busy city by night from 16 stories up.




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