I Dream of Florence



This city tops my list of a year and a half of traveling. I arrived in the early evening and decided to go for a walk around town, check a few things out, and get some dinner. I was on the north western edge of the tourist map, so started following the roads through San Marco. I thought it looked fairly nice, but it was getting a bit dark which could have altered my perception of things, especially in a new city.

I decided to go right, heading further into the centre of town, and I saw this:

Sold. It was absolutely epic, I lost my breath. The photo doesn’t do it justice, and yes, I edited it a little bit to make the sky look a bit more exciting. I hate to compare it to something like an extraterrestrial, but that’s almost how I felt. It was so big and ominous, it filled the skyline at the end of the street.

I saw so much in Florence, but many of the big things had photography restrictions. I visited David at the Galleria dell’ Accademia, the many paintings and sculptures at the Uffizi Gallery, the grain market-turned-church Orsanmichele, saw the Santa Croce church (home to the tombs of Michelangelo and Galileo), wandered through the Piazza della Signoria (where you can take pictures of a fake David!), went into San Lorenzo (the church of the Medici family), and Santa Maria Novella. Oh and of course, the Palazzo Pitti, the main residence of the Medici family in 1550! (Fantastic art collection, including most of Raphael’s paintings).

What a nice list.. honestly, it’s mainly for me to look back on two months from now when I’ve forgotten everything.

Some of the photos I did get are here:

IMG_5936 IMG_5938 IMG_5950 IMG_5959 IMG_5963 IMG_5966 IMG_5968 IMG_5996 IMG_6001 IMG_6005_02 IMG_6019 IMG_6022
IMG_6031 IMG_6041 IMG_6046 IMG_6058 IMG_6061 IMG_6026



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