Hiking in County Wicklow: Bray to Greystones


Things you’ll never go without in Ireland are gorgeous landscapes and lovely seaside towns.

Fancy a day or weekend away? Hop on a southbound train from Dublin toward Greystones in Country Wicklow. The journey takes about an hour, but you’ll feel like you’re a world away. In addition to the beautiful views is a well known Cliff Walk between Greystones and nearby Bray.

Get off your train at Bray and follow the signs. They’re right outside the station, you can’t miss the turn. They take you through a small bit of the seaside town, and out onto a gorgeous little boardwalk on the water.


The walk up, around, and down the ‘mountain’ is about 7 kilometres long, and is supposed to take 2.5 hours. I’d like to know the speed used to calculate walking distances because it only took us an hour and a quarter!

When you get to the other side, pop into Greystones for some lunch or a snack in one of it’s many tea shops, pubs, and restaurants.

It was a day well spent!

CliffWalk_OliviaLeaves03 CliffWalk_OliviaLeaves04 CliffWalk_OliviaLeaves05 CliffWalk_OliviaLeaves06 CliffWalk_OliviaLeaves07 CliffWalk_OliviaLeaves08


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