What’s Happening in Dublin?


So it’s been a while. Winter in Ireland hasn’t disappointed and we’ve spent the past few months being blown over by gale force winds and soaked by sideways rain. Most winters in the northern hemisphere send people running for their couches, eyes permanently glued to the TV for months on end, and mine has been much the same.

I’ve spent most of my time avoiding the cold and working. Unfortunately, there has been very little socializing, even less to write home about, and no travelling. I guess this is a downside to living on the other side of the world.

Something good that came out of this gross winter is that I was given an award from my team at work which was really exciting. I also took two introductory sewing classes, and attended three painting classes.

I’ve become a big fan of Netflix, fashion blogs, and reading. (If you’re interested in an amazing travel story, try Not Lost by Sarah Maria Griffin). I’ve also decided that when I’m ready to start spending money on things I don’t need again, I will be considering hiring a cleaner. Who has time for that?!

I also had a sad blog setback where I found that all my comments had been deleted. I’m talking about all the comments since this blog started nearly three years ago on Blogspot. It was very disheartening, and I may have been avoiding dealing with it.

I’m happy to say that things are looking up; I’ve seen the sun shining, and at the end of February we spent a weekend in Paris. I hope this is the start of more time spent out of my living room.


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