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Oh, hello there! It’s been a busy month. One of the highlights was a quick hop over to London in early April with a couple friends. Saturday was a six hour, whirlwind tour of the city’s highlights for our first time visitor–Portobello Market, Oxford and Regent Street, Carnaby Street, Piccadilly Circus, The Mall, Buckingham Palace, Victoria, Sloane Square and the King’s Road, and Harrods. Prosecco included! Not bad when we did most of it on foot..

DSCF4263 DSCF4271 DSCF4280

This crazy day was followed by dinner at my favourite sushi restaurant in London the world, Cocochan on James Street, and drinks at Evan’s and Peel Detective Agency in Earl’s Court.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed! We had brunch on the Southbank – on the patio! – followed by a wander down to the Oxo Tower for some wine and great views. Like that wasn’t high enough, we made our way to the Shard to catch the view from the 68 floor.


DSCF4294 DSCF4298 We managed to schedule our visit for the same weekend as the London Marathon! There were people everywhere (more so than usual!)..

DSCF4299 DSCF4303 DSCF4309 DSCF4314 DSCF4316

When I moved out of London, they had just opened up the viewing deck at the Shard. No restaurants or bars were available on my first visit. Lucky for me, a year has passed since then (where did that go?!) and there were a few nice places to choose from. After indulging in a few selfies, we made our way down to AquaShard on level 31. There was only enough time for a drink before heading back home to grab our bags and fly out, but I got the Lychee Wine and it was to die for. Next time I’m in London my first stop will be there to get another.

DSCF4327 DSCF4332

This was my third visit since moving back to Europe eight months ago, and it was interesting to see all the things that had changed since I left London in April 2013. From the restaurants in the Shard to the screens in Piccadilly Circus to the store fronts on Regent Street, nothing stays the same for long.

And this, this is Paatchi:



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