Finally, Camden


I finally made it to Camden during the day. After an uneventful evening there during my first week in London, I’d forgotten about it.

I did two things wrong. First, I went on a Saturday. Second, I went during good weather. Basically, I was doing the same thing as the rest of the city, and thousands of tourists. In my defense, I knew I what I was getting myself into, but went anyway.

I didn’t spend any money, I’m still finding it difficult to purchase clothes from massive racks in markets, but the experience was something to be had. There are several markets, jam packed with stalls which are jam packed with eager shoppers. Bargain hunters, vintage shoppers, stalls of candles, cheese, and silver jewelry, and plenty of people screaming at you about their Chinese or Indian food.

If you’re looking for something specific, you can find it at Camden Market. If you’re just browsing, good luck to you. You will surely come back like me, empty handed, or feeling slightly guilty for buying the I <3 London sweatshirt just because it was “on sale.”

One thing you can count on? It looks exactly like in the guide books.



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