Eze Village


One of my day trips from Nice included a stop in Eze Village. I was on my way to Monaco, and the girl working at the hostel told me I couldn’t miss this place. She was so helpful.. she told me where to walk, which bus to get, and what to see!

The bus to this tiny village wound through the cliffs along the water. I enjoyed the view when I wasn’t grabbing onto my seat for dear life. I was on a packed city bus winding through hills and the driver thought he was racing F1. I was thankful to arrive in one piece.

The main attraction are the hotels and shops built right into a hill. I got lost going up and down stairs, looking for water and wishing my feet didn’t hurt so much. But it was worth it.

One really cool thing was the Fragonard factory. Based in Grasse, France, Fragonard is a big perfume company that makes all things lovely and smelly: perfume, soap, body wash, lotion, etc. They give free tours of the factory so you can see how everything is made. All of their soaps are hand painted, and there were two girls chatting at a table, painting little red beaks on duck shaped soaps! Their website is: www.fragonard.com.






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