Easter Road Trip Day 2: Castles and Clay Pigeons


We left sunny Glendalough early Saturday morning, our next stop was Wells House & Gardens.

Hidden in County Wexford, Wells House opened it’s doors to visitors a few years ago. I’m a big fan of stately homes, especially of the Victorian era, so naturally a stop here had to happen. When we saw that they offered Clay Pigeon Shooting on Saturdays, we were sold.

Unfortunately, we arrived early and realised you need to join a guided tour to view the house, and there are only two which run in the afternoons. We wandered around the grounds, which includes a zip line, a park for children, archery, an animal farm, and a small set of shops. When the time came, we wandered down for our clay pigeon shooting.

01wellshouse_ireland 02wellshouse_ireland 05wellshouse_ireland 03wellshouse_ireland

I was terrified; I’ve never shot a gun before! I’m excited to say that I took 30 shots and actually hit one! That was more than I thought I’d get. My arms were sore for the next few days, and I had a bit of a red patch where the gun was hitting my shoulder, which was a great addition to my weekend injuries list.

06wellshouse_ireland 07wellshouse_ireland 08wellshouse_ireland081wellshouse_ireland 04wellshouse_ireland

Our next stop was a bonus as it was unplanned. We were on our way to Waterford where we were scheduled to spend the night, and we had to drive through Enniscorthy on the way. As we crossed over the river, I spotted Enniscorthy Castle and wanted to stop immediately. The town is modern enough, so the medieval castle which stands right in the centre on a small hill really stuck out!

09enniscorthy_ireland 10enniscorthy_ireland 11enniscorthy_ireland 12enniscorthy_ireland

Our last stop on Saturday was Waterford. We did a little wander around the city, but were slowed down by my worsening limp from the sprained ankle. We stopped by Waterford Crystal, saw some of the Viking history in the city, and had a fantastic dinner at La Boheme restaurant. It was a busy day!

12waterford_ireland 13waterford_ireland


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