Dublin Culture Night 2013

Dublin Culture Night-5September 20th was Dublin Culture Night! Hundreds of spots around the city opened their doors to visitors free of charge. Now in it’s 8th year, the night is a great way to get people out to visit historic sights that they may have passed over on the day to day. The lines at some of the attractions were long (see below, the entrance to ‘Dublinia’), but I was able to pop in to City Hall and Dublin Castle.

Dublin Culture Night-8

Dublin’s City Hall (below) has a beautiful Rotunda on the main floor, which probably goes unseen to many visitors who don’t realise it’s there!

Dublin Culture Night-1 Dublin Culture Night-2 Dublin Culture Night-3 Dublin Culture Night-4My second visit to Dublin Castle was a bit busier, but I was glad to see it without the scaffolding that was present two years ago.

Dublin Culture Night-6 Dublin Culture Night-7

I think extending this event to a full day would be tough, but beneficial. The attractions would probably see more tourists during the day, and the locals would have a chance to attend in the evening after work. Plus, with so many things to see, you need more than a few hours! It’s a great concept and, from the crowds out in the streets that evening, I can tell it was a success!


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