Bastille Day, Paris

What’s going on?!


The army takes over Paris

Perhaps the title of this post gave it away. My third trip to Paris took place in mid-July. This time, I went to say adieu to Jenny, who returns to Canada in August. Lucky for us, I picked the weekend which included France’s National holiday, Bastille Day (July 14th). I took the Eurostar straight from work on Friday so that we could wake up super early to get to the parade in the morning.

It was quite amusing to see the army driving their big tanks down the Champs Elysees… The best part was that it was sunny! There was no rain to be had during the entire three hour spectacle, which was helpful as they took our umbrellas from our bags and put them in a large pile. Strange.

In the evening we took a delicious picnic of bread, cheese and sausage (oh dear..) to the Champs de Mars. We squeezed our way into a decent spot and got lost in the crowd until the fireworks started. I must say, there is something much cooler about fireworks that take place behind the Eiffel Tower!

IMG_4396 IMG_4405 IMG_4420 IMG_4438paris_planes

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