Barcelona’s Greatest Hits

Love, love, love this place. It reminds me of Paris, but Spanish (sort of).

Our train from Valencia took us through a bit of a storm, but the scariest bit was the black cloud! We were zipping towards it — it looked like something out of Harry Potter!

We just missed the rain when we finally arrived, but the temperature was far from warm. Naturally, we put on our coats and headed straight for the tapas restaurants. We found the cutest little place (which doubled as our lunchtime restaurant the following day!) where we filled a table with our favourite nibbles, shared a pitcher of Sangria (complete with meter-long straws) all for the fun price of 25 Euros, to split. I could have eaten there every day.

Thursday we explored the old things in the Barri Gotic, Friday we explored the modern things in La Ribera and L’Eixample. There were many cathedrals and bits of medieval architecture to see in the old city. It’s amazing how well they’ve integrated the historic parts with the very modern new city.

The Sagrada Familia is the centrepiece of modern architecture in Barcelona. I’d go so far as to say it’s the city’s calling card, it’s own Tour Eiffel. I read that they hope it will be complete in 2016, just 100 years after the death of it’s designer, Gaudi. It was absolutely stunning, albeit very modern. I’ve never seen anything else like it. Sadly, we didn’t get to go up to the top of the spires, as they’d closed down elevator access due to the unhappy weather. If you get to go up, let me know what you see!

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