A Tour of Nea Kameni Volcano in Santorini

There’s a little island just off the coast of Fira. It’s not too wide, not too high, and it’s actually an active volcano! Called Nea Kameni, this volcano formed slowly over 430 years, with its most recent volcanic eruption taking place in 1950.

Olivia Leaves | Santorini Volcano

There are tours departing from Fira’s Old Port (photo above) that take you across to the volcano. From there you can hike to the top for amazing views, and to say you’ve stood on an active volcano! There is a €2 entrance fee when you arrive, so be sure to bring some change.

Olivia Leaves - Santorini Volcano Olivia Leaves - Santorini VolcanoOlivia Leaves - Santorini Volcano

Our tour also stopped at a local hot spring. If yours does the same, make sure you ask ahead of time if they have life jackets, floatation devices, or towels. Ours had none! You’ll also want decent walking shoes for climbing the volcano, the paths are full of stones that don’t mix well with sandals.

Olivia Leaves - Santorini Volcano

Taking a tour from the Old Port will also allow you to check out the port itself, take a ride on the gondola, and see Santorini’s famous donkeys!


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