A Guide to Visiting the Acropolis

Olivia Leaves | Acropolis

Here’s what you need to know about visiting the Acropolis in Athens

The Acropolis is a sight to behold, but prepare yourself! There’s lots to take in and not a lot of info to help you get to where you want to be.

I only had one hazy morning to explore so opted for the €20 ticket for the buildings on the citadel, including the famous Parthenon. If you have more time, the extended ticket gives you entry to up to five historic sites around the city.

Bring a guide book

I was told to get an audio guide, so didn’t have much background information on what I was going to be seeing. Unfortunately, there are no individual audio guides like you get at many other sites. There are tours available for groups at 120 Euro.

Olivia Leaves | Acropolis

If you find yourself without a guide book, a quick search online can give you some good information. PlanetWare’s Exploring the Acropolis in Athens: A Visitor’s Guide saved me!

Wear decent footwear

You can get around in sandals, but there are lots of little stones and sand. My shoes went from black to dusty grey! If you take your time walking around the site you could spend a few hours, so select your shoes accordingly.

Olivia Leaves | Acropolis

Restoration is everywhere

I know how old these structures are, yet I still found I was surprised at the amount of scaffolding and restoration taking place. You don’t see that when you do an initial photo search online! There are boards around explaining what you’re looking at, but a lot of focus is on the restoration rather than the history. If you’re looking for the original story, it’s best to find it yourself.

Olivia Leaves | Acropolis

People are everywhere

Just like you, there will be hundreds and hundreds of people visiting the Acropolis with their selfie sticks. Get there early to avoid the tourists and the heat.

Olivia Leaves | Acropolis

Finish off at the Acropolis Museum

Home to many pieces of marble from the Acropolis that have been restored, this museum gives you the history lesson you’re really looking for.

Olivia Leaves | Acropolis Olivia Leaves | Acropolis Olivia Leaves | Acropolis

If you’re looking to spent more time in Greece, see what else we got up to on this trip!

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Olivia Leaves | A Guide to Visiting the Acropolis


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