A Guide to Settling in Dublin


So, you bought your ticket, said goodbye to your family, hopped on your flight, braved a few nights in a hostel on the North side, managed to get something called a GNIB card, and are ready for the next step. Now what?

Finding a place to live and a source of income are some of the most exciting, and stressful, things you’ll do while setting into a new city. In Ireland you’ll find that in order to open a bank account, you’ll need to supply them with a permanent address. Don’t leave these things too long!

Finding a Place to Live

The easiest to be able to afford a central place to live, and make a few friends, is to join a flatshare. These are very common in big European cities. Your one-stop-shop for finding a flatshare is Daft.ie. Set your search parameters and see what it gives you!

Finding somewhere to live in Dublin specifically is very competitive, as rents are going up and up, and every year a new batch of recent graduates move up to the big city for work. If you see a place you like, send them a message or give the landlord a call. Good places go quickly, so you’d better be prepared to jump on something that you like.

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Finding a Job

At this point, you’ll also want to be looking for a job. Take some time to update your CV and with any new skills or details that you might be missing before applying anywhere.

My first suggestion would be to put your CV out to a few agencies. They can be very helpful when looking for work quickly. They often have teams that are specifically for short-term and long-term work, so make sure you let them know what kind of contracts you’re interested in, as well as what your visa status is. Morgan Mckinley, La Creme, and CPL are commonly used agencies, but they’re by no means the only ones you should use.

If you’re looking to work in retail or in a restaurant/bar, the best thing you could do is to hit the pavement. Don’t hide behind your computer hoping that someone will email you back. Those industries are all about customer service, so show up with your CV and show them how great you are!

Don’t forget that Dublin is the European hub for many large tech companies, so do you research and keep an eye out for potentially life-changing job opportunities.

Good luck!


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