8 Apps I Use When I Travel

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I love efficiencies! There are lots of things to think about when you’re travelling — where you’re going to sleep, how to buy a train ticket in German, where the zipper is on your backpack so you don’t get pickpocketed, etc. I use these apps to keep track of the little things so I can focus on staying safe and having fun.

Wunderlist for Lists

I use this app every day. It’s nothing complicated, but has eradicated messy lists from my life. You can create different types of lists which can then have lists within them. I use this at home for ongoing grocery or to-do lists, but also when I travel. If you’re researching a city on the go, this is the best way to write everything that you want to see down in one place. The best part? When you check an item off your list, you get a satisfying ping!

Audible for Books on the Go

I can’t get enough of Audible. It all started for me when I was really feeling guilty that I never read anymore. There is just so much going on! Between work, commuting, seeing friends, travelling.. I just couldn’t get any reading in. I have library cards in both London and Dublin, but I’d take books out and never read them!

When I started running I needed something more than music to distract me, so I tried an audio book. Audible offered the first book for free so I figured, what have I got to lose? I’ve now got 32 books in my cloud! You keep them all even if you decide to stop your membership, which is great if you’re like me and get a few of those personal development books that you need to review a couple times! I’ve also returned 1 or 2 books when I felt they weren’t what I’d expected. Try out an Audible membership and get your first download for free.

Splitwise for Travelling with Friends

It’s awkward to be sitting down to 3 meals a day with 5 people for 4 days and have to pull out the €7.56 or €16.42 for your meals. This is a great way to keep track of who owes what. The first meal you pay, put it in your Splitwise group, and note who it should be divided between. From there everyone can take turns paying and Splitwise will tally it all up for you! If you keep an eye on it, you’ll owe each other mere pennies at the end. 

Citymapper for Directions

This is the best way to get around big cities! They’ve got 39 options to choose from, and I love to use this to get a mix of buses, trains, trams, walking, bikes, Uber, etc. The filters are great and it’s perfect for exploring new cities. It will even tell you what time you’re due to arrive, and give you warnings to get off at the right stop. The only downside for me is there’s no Dublin yet. (I keep voting!)

Olivia Leaves | Apps I use for travelling

Revolut for Spending

Do you still run down to the post office to exchange some cash before a trip, and carry it around in an envelope or (even better) a money belt? Stop! Download the Revolut app and start spending with no currency exchange fees. For €5.99 they sent me a physical Visa card with my name on it. The app is connected to my credit card and I can top up the balance on my Revolut card on the go. From there, tap and go like a regular card! You see the transactions come through in real time, and it tells you what the exchange rate was. Added bonus? Your bank at home won’t be blocking your card because you bought a few cocktails in Spain.

VSCO & Pixlr for Photos

I use a mix of VSCO and Pixlr apps for editing photos on my phone. VSCO allows you to download additional filters to get the look you’re going for; HB1 and HB2 are travel blogger favourites. There are some add-on packages for free, and others you need to pay for. Pixlr is great for doing any detail work.

Buffer for Social Media

If you’re trying to keep up with your social media schedule while you’re on the go, the Buffer app is fantastic. You can set up ideal posting times for your audience, or use the optimised schedule they recommend. Instead of posting in the app you’re using, do everything in Buffer and let it drip feed your content out when it’ll get the best engagement!

What apps do you use for travelling? I want to try them all!

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Olivia Leaves | 8 Apps I Use When I Travel


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